The disrespect of it all

Between the Veils is this weekend. This event was built on the ashes of something I helped burn down. With the energy of the roots that I called to be pulled up.

I wasn’t invited to participate in the creation of this new event, open,  keynote or teach. I was offered a ticket to attend the event from the Board  yesterday evening.

When asked why I was invited so late I was told that no one wanted me to do more labor.

I wasn’t given a choice and an invite last night  impacts me deeply as a dismissal at best and at worst “let’s cover our ass.”

This wasn’t the intent in their hearts but this is the IMPACT

This is not a vaguebook btw… The Board knows this because I’ve communicated it directly last night.

I’m saying this here because it got back to me that people were surprised I wasn’t involved.

I’m saying this here because I really really want Fat Black AFABs who are out here putting themselves in harm’s way to be held, seen, and considered.

I’m saying this here because I’m practicing not swallowing pain for other people’s comfort.

Yes …I could have walked into the space at jump and been like “so what we doing Fam?!?!” But I saw some interactions in the beginning that had me worried that the potential for people crossing over from Pantheacon without self reflection was too high.

I was so completely gutted from that whole experience that I didn’t have the energy to walk in a new space as a change maker without knowing if it would be “safe” for me.

I turned down the ticket because I’m hurt, salty and disappointed.

So there’s the t
Enjoy your weekend


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