How not to be a Social Worker

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the doctor. I was emotionally ready for a fight but it a surprising experience. My doctor was a Black woman who believed I knew my body best.

She ordered every test requested and made amazing suggestions. My weight was never a thing until I brought it up and even then she followed my lead on how I spoke about it. When she asked about mental health I was honest. She set me up with the on duty social worker right away.

I was so excited when I saw a person of color. I’ve been damaged by so many white therapists. I couldn’t wait to finally get some tools that applied when…

Social Worker: so what other things cause stress in your life?

Me: I’m a performer and as a fat person-

SW: Hold on a second can we use a new word?

Me: I’m an artist and as a fat person-

SW: No I mean another descriptive word.

Me: For what?

SW: I mean you shouldn’t call yourself…

Me: FAT!!! Then what am I?

SW: Let’s explore that. What does this mean to you?

Me: Okay so being fat is not synonymous with ugly, lazy, stupid.

SW: I know and you know that too so why use that word?

Me: Because it’s cute and easier than obese and shorter than over weight because what does that even mean and rotund is a mouthful and rubenesque in day to day conversation is just plain pretentious.

SW: Okay so explain to me what being fat(whispered)means to you. Maybe you’ll find a new word there

Me: Umm I’m like published in an academic textbook regarding fat and the politics of size and I’ve been invited to and spoken at Stanford, UC Berkeley and Mills College regarding Fat Identification…

SW: (horrified and eyes glazing over at the same time)

Me: So I think I’m okay with the word and I think I’m regarded as knowledgeable in the subject of how I talk about my own body.

SW: Yeah it’s just we hear these words and it’s like nails across the chalkboard.

Me: For you?

SW: It can be for you too.

Me: My blog until three months ago was called the ungratefulfatbitch!

SW: There’s words like BBW.

Me: 😂

SW: Just try it. Explain to me what being fat means.

Me: I have to go to a specialty store in order to buy clothing, that I won’t get diagnosed according to what’s actually ailing me, that I may not have access to healthcare at times, that have to be really good at what I’m doing to be taken half a seriously, that people think that I’m ugly, lazy and or stupid, that I’m easily dismissed and not seen as an expert in my field-

SW: But that’s how people treat you because of your size not what it means to you

Me: And this is why we’re here 🙃

This slender social worker nearly choked  himself to sleep with the death grip he had on his pearls.  He couldn’t hear me.  He refused to hear or see me.  And I’m so desperately in need of someone who can see me and help me cultivate the tools necessary for this delicious life I’ve got planned.


I stay telling my clients that they don’t have to live in discomfort.

I’m so fucking #teamvirgo because I also stay being do as I say not as I do.

From 5 to 17 I lived in saddle oxfords and uniforms. By 18 I was buying my own clothing and shoes so that meant thrift stores, clothing shops and if I needed something new Payless. I knew I was uncomfortable but I knew that I could deal with it.

Today Wednesday gently lured me into a shop while I made soft wookie nosies under my breath to soothe my nerves.

They coaxed me into a pair of shoes that made me so comfortable that I literally took off running and jumping while the sales people laughed.

They then listened as I said I can’t afford, I have debt to pay, if I can’t buy it then I shouldn’t have it. I’m old enough to take care of myself and I got myself in the position of not being able to afford something I so obviously need so this is just something I live with until I can.

I’m in constant pain.
It ranges from a 2 to 7 with a daily median of 5. I was about a 5 in my current gear but when I put on those shoes it dropped to a 2, my posture changed, my hips allowed me a honest to god gait instead of a shuffle.

They held my hand and spoke to me in soft tones while I almost cried because I couldn’t get around myself.

They made a suggestion, a compromise, a way and so now I have shoes that fit, that can go into the garden and down a hill and into a dungeon too if I wanted.

And I have within my own body an understanding of what I so fiercely fight for other people to have on a daily basis.

I didn’t want to be comfortable because I didn’t want to maintain it. More to the point I didn’t want to lose it.

My existence has never been comfortable.
I told myself it could never be comfortable.
I keep getting shown that that is a lie.
A tape recorded so I wouldn’t push back or demand or dream or ask or hope or want.

So yeah
I’ll slip into these shoes and I’ll push back
I’ll demand
I’ll dream
I’ll ask
I’ll hope
I’ll want more.

Thank you Love.

Issa Trap!

Your humanity will cause you to look for the humanity in people who (aware or unaware) do not see you as human.

It’s a trap!

Through religion, mass media, weaponized desirability politics, the educational system, scarcity syndrome and the necessity of survival we were groomed.

Groomed to participate in perpetuating a system that profits from the labor of our creativity and magic but compensates or acknowledges us for none of it.

Groomed to consume prettily worded explainations and I’m sorry you’re hurt instead of full accountability in action.

Groomed to accept the least then give the most of our blood and spirit to mend something that was broken and never meant for us to begin with.

Because of this conditioning we have sympathized with their personal stories of struggles. We have compared them to our own without caculating the added taxes associated with being Black, being Brown, Being Trans, Being Queer.

We have given them allowances for things we wouldn’t even accept in ourselves.

It’s a hard cycle to break.

Your discomfort is natural.
Remember that you are severing chains that go back 400 years or more.

They will tell you that you are hardhearted that you want them to hurt because you hurt
that you ask too much of them too soon
that you have no compassion

Know that this is the language of addiction.

Know that there is a difference between compassion and enabling.

You are not a monster because you refuse to ease them into equality.

It’s okay to cry as you wield your sword against your oppressors and their systems.

Your humanity will cause you to look for the humanity in people who (aware or unaware) do not see you as human.
Treat them the same.
Walk with a compassion that centers you first.
Walk in compassion but take no shit.

A Dear John Letter

I’m watching the clock tick down

I’m feeling the passage of time as this current year rakes the last of her minutes down my spine.

She’s death

She’s all sweetness

She’s asking what I want to give her

She’s asking what I want her to take with her

Tonight I am giving her you.

You were all that I had ever known.  For years I looked to you for guidance.  You told me how to act, how to dress, how to be.  You gave me order and boundaries. You dictated both the flow and rhythm of my life.  

I didn’t know to hate you so by default I loved you.

I lifted you up

I fed you before I fed myself

I sought your validation

I sought my reflection in your eyes

I do not yet know who I am without you

But I know we can’t continue like this

You’re killing me

And I while I know it would be easier to let you kill me I resist!

My friends say that you are not as bad as I think you are.  My elders sometimes even forget that you are there. In a fight those who are close to me will take your side and I think maybe I’m crazy.

Feeling this certain, this entitled to my self possession is so foreign that I am mistaking being insane for finally being in sane.

Without you this world is so huge and vast and unknown and terrifying and I’m changing into something I never thought possible and that frightens me.

Having full possession of this mouth, these legs, this mind, my spirit.

Having full responsibility for it too.

You keep calling me.

You keep being all hotline bling

You tell me that you don’t know who I am anymore like it is a bad thing and sometimes in the past I believed you.

I’d go back to you and we would start all over again.

But this is the last time.

As this current year rakes the last of her minutes down my spine.

I speak to her as if She is Death

I speak to her with all the sweetness I have left

She  asks what I want to give her

She  asks what I want her to take with her

And I hand you over

I give her every lie you dared to tell me

I give her every grief you have given me

I loosen your hand from around my throat

I will lay down with you no more

I will feed you no more

I will fear you no more

You are broken from my foundation

Your direction is removed from the compass of my heart

I cast you out

You, whiteSupremacy have no more power here.

Mammy is dead

and I am all that is left

What to do when a Big Name Pagan Throws at You

and several other POC Witches in the process

A few weeks ago Orion Foxwood wrote the following

That Fam is a curse.
It looks like love but don’t be fooled, that is a fucking throw.

This is a throw against People of Color taking a stand against appropriation, white supremacy and general caucasity.
This is an empowerment to these MWGA asshats out here getting angry because we are saying stop.

This is a white man defending another white man who is doing some deep and real harmful appropriative shit
This is a white man defending another white man who is using a problematic as fuck name
This is a white man deciding  that he knows what “real racism” looks like
This is a white man deciding to engage in tokenism by using another Black person’s words against another Black person
This is a white man getting so upset that a Black Femme born and raised in Deep South  is upset about a Scottish born Canadian man doing conjure work with Harriet Tubman that he would throw against a child of Mama Moses in her own name
This is a white man who deals with other white conjure men who are known abusers and harassers
This is a white man protecting the money and power of other white men like him
This is just another white man profiting off of magical systems created to survive people like him

It used to be so heartbreaking when a hero dies. Now it is just annoying.
The only real heartbreaking thing about this is that he went with this basic af rhyme scheme.

So what do you do when a big name pagan who was once your hero throws at you and your kin?

If you read this thing he just punched himself in the face. So I did nothing.
For almost two weeks I did nothing

And then I got salty and made a new banner for my facebook page!


These flag planting white witches selling a remix version of your blood magic back to you are coming from a deeply broken place.  Just like we have our traumas they have their own. In order to survive and thrive they enacted the brutality of colonization on the entire world.

When I first learned about white intergenerational transmission of violence from the brilliant Meda DeWitt I was angry. I was angry because now I have to move with compassion.

They will tell you that demanding safe spaces for POCs, Trans, Queer people is silencing, attacking and shaming them.

They will tell you like they told me a Black Non-gender Binary, Fat, Femme that you are against diversity because you have the audacity to ask for your voice to be represented.

white people will tell you that you are against diversity because you do not include or center them!

They will tell you that you are divisive. They will tell you that you are the problem. They will call you aggressive and childish. They will throw at you and curse you.

But Lovely you are not the problem, You are a solution to it.

We as witches have the ability and responsibility to help create a new tower to replace the one that is falling.  We can’t do this without ensuring that the foundation for this new system starts on even ground. If these columbusing ass white witches don’t get this, don’t see how they are fear motivated to control and own from the same places as fascists and racists the new tower will be as corrupted and crooked as the first one.

I’m out here with a warning because they are red flagging all over the fucking field.
Stop appropriating and calling it appreciation
Stop monetizing and capitalizing off of lessons they learned from their overworked Black Nanny or grossly underpaid Brown Housekeeper.
Stop thinking that they can own the teachings of our lineage. Their arrogance, entitlement and privilege leads them to believe they were actually taught all of the magic. If by some off chance they were, this same arrogance, entitlement and privilege will turn it to poison in their veins.

They have not yet learned the lesson they have taught us at the end of a gun or a length of rope
That everything can not be owned
That you are a guest in this house


So Fam, if you want to do something do this:
Change “Diversity Demon” to “Demons against Diversity” and speak this prayer dressed curse Orion wrote.
Speak it well and speak it often.
Light candles, sing it into the darkest night with the knowing that it will soon be true.

See you at Pantheacon
I love you
Let’s(continue to) fuck shit up

Social Gaslighting & The MWGA: A Love Letter To QTPOC Witches

Dearly Beloved,

I see you as I see myself
In this place of unutterable confusion

I feel you as I feel myself
Teeth barred with an open and breaking heart

I hear you as I hear myself
Screaming with an aching throat against those that actively silence your call for safety within your own spiritual communities

I write this to you
As I write it to myself
As I write this for myself

I am sorry.

I’m sorry that they told you that you are a drama llama, an instigator, a polarizer, a keyboard sjw, a liar, a trouble maker, foul and fleckless

I’m sorry that they told you that appropriation doesn’t exist

I’m sorry that they barred you entrance and access because you were not born with a biological womb

I’m sorry that your leaders and elders and heroes are dying before your eyes. Not felled by time or accident but rather to the tragedy of failure to extend the basic considerations due to every human being

When you tell them that they have hurt you
they say you are holding witch-hunts.  
Yet they fundraise for Planned Parenthood, refuse to shop at Hobby Lobby, and hashtag me too.

When you say no more
they say go home
Yet they proudly walk the streets of places like San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago screaming for the rights of its citizens and the immigrants that seek to find shelter here.

When you demand that stories and traditions of your ancestors and culture come from a mouth that shares the same blood and skin as you
they tell you tools that were crafted to survive them now belong to themWhen you say stop
they say you are making a big deal of nothing

While they post on their Facebook walls that Trump and his fanatics are detestable, inhumane, deplorable and diseased
they cannot hear their mirrored voices telling you that you are wrong, selfish, a shit stirrer and overly sensitive.

they will tell you to shut up when you speak up
they will tell you how you are oppressing them and silencing them when you say
get Harriet Tubman out of your mouth
get Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte out of your mouth
put down your rattle and your feathers, leave the sun to us, Miley Cyrus is not a spirit animal

Some of them will fight their families at the dinner table this holiday season, snap pictures of MAGA hats in airports with side eye emojis posted under them
and then
they will complain of too many social justice classes at the gathering this year
they will lament about no more woman born women spaces
they will say we need to focus on our commonalities and leave our differences at the door because they just want to Make Witchcraft Great Again.

they are gaslighting you because they want to Make Witchcraft Great Again!

they want to profit from your pain, they want to take your medicine
wash it white
resell it to you in a sanitized “civilized” version that they are comfortable with
they want to control you and the narrative so badly that they will use the words of your neck pressed and sunken kindred against you
they want to be the heroes of every journey
they want easy enlightenment purchased at Chad’s homemade sweat hut the weekend after that wild trip on ayahuasca at Becky’s house

they are terrified
they’re terrified because they do not want the ethical responsibility of being a
Witch and cis
Witch and het
Witch and white

The people trying to make you afraid are cowards

they do not want to create change or even the field because here in these spaces they get to be Lords & Ladies
to be important and popular and let’s face it most of them never were in school

Most of them were bullied and silenced and picked on
Most of them were the odd one out, the weird ones that don’t know that they didn’t escape childhood intact

But here they get to have eyeliner and the illusionary power that comes with it

This is where it ends for them.

But not for us…

We don’t have that privilege
We don’t have that illusion
It can feel like a curse but Dearly Beloved you are so blessed

You are being lied to
You are not unreasonable
You are not wrong
You are so deeply beautiful
Your magic is so deeply beautiful

Your witchcraft is rooted in resistance
Your witchcraft is rooted in being both male and female and all that flows between
Your witchcraft is rooted in liberation

Your witchcraft comes with seasoning sweetie and we all know how the desire for spice started a bunch of fucking wars

You know how to dance during death
You know how to create life when there is no hope of survival
You have everyday magic of mothers turning $0.25 into $25
You have the everyday magic of getting out of bed and doing what needs to be done because you cannot afford to do differently
You have the everyday magic of resilience passed on to you through generations of Mighty Dead
Fam you is Avatar

Remember this

No matter how much they try to tell you that this backlash new it is not
It is however, now untenable
We have to decide whether we are going to go the way of the motherfucking elves or not

Because, let’s face it. They’re going to die.
Unless they are willing to face the mirror that we are holding simply by existing their magic will die.

If you are a snowflake may winter come soon for the crops they have attempted to harvest from your blood and bones will not be enough to sustain them
If they have wrought tears from you may each one be a drop in a flood that will drown them
If they have turned your heart to stone may the breaking pieces snap back together and spark a fire that will burn their house down

You were never “Charmed” but bawse bitch thou art BLESSED

And may you and those who stand with you be all that is left.


There is a bunch of shit going on outside of my window right now.

My name is in the mouth of some racist ass pagans right now.

They are so angry.
Because I said everything ain’t for you white boy
Because I’m part of a group of people who aren’t here for it or here for supporting the voices of appropriators and abusers within our community.

One of these people at the heart of it reached out to express…concern? Concern about how I’m being spoken about but I told them I’m a Fat Black Queer in the United States this is the norm.

Like seriously y’all this is just Wednesday.
Like so many Wednesdays before.

There’s a bunch of shit going on outside my window right now and I’m not afraid of the insinuated and actual threats. I’m not arrogant or stupid enough to not take precautions but I’m not afraid.

There’s a bunch of shit going on outside my window right now and I’m laying here in a beautiful cloud of pleasure, love and decadence legit wondering…

Damn is this how Beyonce feels?

Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation, I slay
Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation
You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation
Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper
Girl, I hear some thunder
Golly, look at that water, boy, oh lord

Oh lord indeed
and I roll back into my beautiful cloud of pleasure, love and decadence.