About Me & CV


Rawiyah Tariq is a Black, gender non-binary, fat, disabled and neurodivergent artist and kink aware professional.

Their roots are in queer, poly-amorous, fat community.
Their tone is reflective of these roots. Their work is informed by how these intersect with their Blackness.

Magic, massage, storytelling and performance art are tools they use to liberate, heal and reclaim space for marginalized communities. they believe in cohesive and somatic healing and holding practices that align body, mind and spirit.

Currently, they are living in the Bay Area while working on their book and their healing and holding practice A Sovereign Embodiment (ASE) . Through ASE where they provide workshops, ritual creation, divination, heart holding and graphic design.

Curriculum Vitae

Rawiyah Tariq has danced on stages throughout the country with the award winning and internationally traveled troupe Rubenesque Burlesque as Magnoliah Black from 2009 to 2015. As a solo performer their work (often preformed on mainstream stages) continues to reflect body liberation, visibility and self possession beyond the static sizest and often racist Eurocentric beauty myth. Rawiyah was celebrity model for the first annual Queer Fashion Week in 2015 & 2016, Curvy Girl Lingerie and has been photo’d for Curve magazine in Bertha Pearl’s Size Queen Fashions.

A former member of Santa Clara County Leather Association since and former Associate Producer of Red Hots Burlesque the country’s longest running queer burlesque & cabaret show Rawiyah has worked to create and maintain space for artists and players of diverse backgrounds and talents.

As a past Board Member of good standing and FeMCee of The Body Political and contributing co-founder of A Sovereign Embodiment Healing Collective. As the ASE Collective’s Certified Massage Therapist they focus on QTPOC, Disabled, Elderly, Fat and Other’ed bodies. Their prices are set support low income community. They offer barter and trade options as well as free monthly massages to community members in need. For more see A Sovereign Embodiment

They have facilitated and spoken at events such as Baycon, NOLOSE, Fat Activist Conference: Tools for the Revolution , Fatty Affair, Pantheacon, Mystic South and The Northwest Pagan Conference.  They have spoken at several universities including Berkeley, Stanford and San Jose State regarding intersectionality, sex, fat, feminism and health. As a producer and presenter they consciously centers marginalized groups for spotlight appearances at events such as BayCon, Folsom Fringe and the Hubba Hubba Review.

Rawiyah’s most recent published work can be found in “The Politics of Size” co-authored with Juana Tango and edited by Ragen Chastian and their journey documented in interviews in Nia King’s “Queer and Trans Artist of Color”. As 2022’s Witch in Residence with The Modern Witches Confluence, one of Diamond Wave’s Theyfriend featured artist and recipient of Queer Cat Production’s Artist Grant Rawiyah has centered and empowered marginalized communities.

Connect to them on social media via facebook, twitter and instagram or follow them at their sorely mismanaged blog mammyisdead.com. You can also catch them as a feature in the film Fattitude and Heavenly Brown Body Look out for their book “Mammy is Dead” to be released in 2024 by Spirit Bound Press