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My Big 3 0

I just turned 30 About five years ago I told myself that by time I turned 30 I would weigh x amount of weight. It was going to be my gift to myself. Finally conforming and squeezing my body into what was “socially acceptable” But some things happened. My life changed and the only weight I lost was 165ish pounds of boyfriend who held … Read More My Big 3 0

Year in Review

posting early because this weekend I will be too busy doing epic wildness, imbibing epic amounts achol. soaking up mega love rays like sunshine and  in various states of undress in multiple compromising positions (because of a photoshoot you wonderful freakniks)     A few days ago I wanted to crawl into a tub, slit my wrists and drown in my own emo-globin. Don’t … Read More Year in Review

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