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Storytime: Solstice

Every year in ritual I retell this story.  I also tell it before my Bawdy Divine Workshop. It’s part of my glitter magic and as we descend into the darkest night in what seems the darkest year I cast it out again into the world as a way to reel in the light.   The story goes that Amaterasu Omikami the Sun Goddess was … Read More Storytime: Solstice

Not that kinda party.

(written after an interaction with an uber driver on my way home from performing at the Uptown Club in Oakland)   You… You saw a happy, tipsy, fat, black woman and assumed I was a straight club girl on her way home from a night of partying. You assumed I was blowing off steam after work, caught in a revolving ritual that would go … Read More Not that kinda party.

Decolonizing the self

I don’t have the right words. I am not an academic. I just have a feeling and it makes me angry for multiple reasons. I am angry because I cannot unsee these things I am angry because I have to do the work I am angry because I am going to step on toes I am angry because the vocabulary I need to access … Read More Decolonizing the self

Conversations with God #2

Let go ~What Let go ~Dude I totally heard You… let go of what? Everything ~Goddammn’t What? ~That esoteric crap again?! Okay… do you want me to explain? ~Yep… you know mortal brain and all not as complex as Yours I know… kinda sucks to be you.  When I say let go of everything I mean let go of everything you ever thought yourself to be, everything … Read More Conversations with God #2

Personal Truth #?: Happiness

Truth # I’ve lost count (Last nights dream) Happiness: Different for everyone, the same for most.  It normally involves attaining the things we talk ourselves out of, sabotage from our lives and rationalize out of reality. Hi ~Hi, I’m depressed I know ~How do you know Because I’m you silly.  I’m your Divine self ~Really… you look amazing, I am ~Seriously your skin is … Read More Personal Truth #?: Happiness

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