Personal Truth #?: Happiness

Truth # I’ve lost count
(Last nights dream)

Different for everyone, the same for most.  It normally involves attaining the things we talk ourselves out of, sabotage from our lives and rationalize out of reality.


~Hi, I’m depressed

I know

~How do you know

Because I’m you silly.  I’m your Divine self

~Really… you look amazing,

I am

~Seriously your skin is fantastic

Yeah ummm ooooooookay so I know the secret to happiness and I’m going to give it to you

~You’re the greatest

Not so fast.  I can sense you figuring out how you can market this info to make ends meet but I’m not giving you the secret to “Happiness”  just the secret to your happiness

~(deflated) Yeah sure bring it on

Make a decision, forget the money, self publish if you have to,  give to get, thrive to survive, don’t procrastinate, exercise, spawn offsping and have lot and lots of sex…. sorry great sex.  Have lots and lots of great sex.

~Anything else

Trust in love

~Well that last bit is sorta fucking esoteric don’t you think

What the hell do you expect you ingrate Im God after all


Hmpf what

~Well I knoooow I’m doing at least one thing right



Grow up

~Is that part of the list too

No actually

~What else?

What do you mean what else?

~Well it seems like a short list

You will have your hands full with that

~How can You be sure

Beside that fact that I am God She says  tossin a thick mane of ever changing hair over her naked violet shoulder  You’re how old?


Right pushing thirty…. you’ve had 3 decades to work on this list and you’ve only got one thing going for you

~Yeah but its a hell of a thing am I right!

She rolls her iridescent  eyes to the top of her head just before she disappears in a poof of smoke that smells vaguely of cinnamon.

~God, God, God…. hello?  Damn’t  You’re just like my mom!!!!!

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