Conversations with God #2

Let go


Let go

~Dude I totally heard You… let go of what?




~That esoteric crap again?!

Okay… do you want me to explain?

~Yep… you know mortal brain and all not as complex as Yours

I know… kinda sucks to be you.  When I say let go of everything I mean let go of everything you ever thought yourself to be, everything you ever wanted yourself to be.  Realize that what you are going through is nothing.

~woooooooooooow I’d rather have the esoteric thing than this nihilistic shit

I’m not done yet… All this is an illusion.

~Hah!  You’re telling me that all these bills piling up on my head, all these dark thoughts and dead ends and hopelessness is an illusion!  Well You’re illusions seem pretty real to me!

You’re angry

~Hell yes I am… what did I ever do to You to deserve all of this?

It’s not about what you did… its about what you didn’t do.

~What more could You want from me?!  What more can You demand?!  Just tell me and I’ll do it.  Just stop with these fucking “illusions” of Yours.

Dramatic much?  First of all those are your illusions… I haven’t got a thing to do with them and second I’ve only asked you for one thing darlin of Mine and that is to love yourself.

~If I did that would it stop

No… that’s not how it works… life won’t stop but you will be able to handle it better.

~I’m so tired

I know

~I don’t like this ride anymore

I know

~I want to get off… and not in a sexual way

I know

~Will it get better?

It will… and then it will get worse again

~You’re not helping…

I will once you help yourself.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself hun, stop running away, stand up and fight for everything you want.  I’ve given you everything you need

~But You just told me to let go of everything

I told you to let go of the illusion… the illusion that it can’t be done, won’t be done, that all you are is what you are ever going to be, that your current dreams and goals are your ceiling.  No one likes to hit their ceiling… its terrifying… trust me I totally understand.  I mean I am God after all.   You’re putting off for as long as possible reaching what you think is your peak because you think there is nothing left after that. It’s stupid.

~oh… k… anything else

Yeah go to bed.  Tomorrow is gonna come whether you like it or not.  Aaaaaaaaaaand its gonna suck so you might as well have all your wits about you when it does.

~hah now you sound like my Vulcan.

He’s a part of you so he is a part of Me too now.

~That makes me feel better

I know.  Look darlin the moon is coming back and in time so will you.

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