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OkStupid # ohgodwhocankeepcountanymore?

Him: ( after 2 months of relative of silence) bonjour renie! how have u been? i am with a bisexual female friend who likes your pics. She is from France, i would to introduce you to her Me: lol… no.   I really wish I could be angrier about this one!  There is this nonchalance about it normally associated with inviting someone you know … Read More OkStupid # ohgodwhocankeepcountanymore?

submissive… but not to you

 Trigger warning (sexual abuse/non- consent/violence) Her: Don’t put yourself in that position anymore Me: Don’t put myself in that position denotes that I could have prevented it by being what…clairvoyant. Damn my lack of ESP now I just have PTSD. Why wasn’t I born a Betazoid!? For reference the “position” was a date with someone that I had spent time with over the course … Read More submissive… but not to you

How I really feel

I can’t sleep My throat is closing up and it’s because I have been holding back things that I have really wanted to say.  A part of me wants to be objective about this thing but I bigger part of me is saying fuck it. I really can’t afford to get sick again So I’m just gonna go ahead and say how I really feel. Congratulations, … Read More How I really feel


Yawn and stretch) now that I have had some rest….. Normally I paint a scene and give everyone a bit of background information but I feel that this incident of jackassery needs no such introduction For suggesting that I lack the ability to do my job because I am fat. Fuck you!! Fuck you!! Fuck You!!!!!! I wish I had paid more attention in … Read More #@#$%*$&@&#*$*@*@$!!!!!1!!!

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