I have not idea what the hell is going on.

I caught a cold… a hell of a cold a few days ago.  Just when it looked like I was getting better I got struck with a sudden bout of insomnia.  I did manage to get some stuff done.  I finished a book that I was reading Wyrms by Orson Scott Card.  It is an easy read and I like it but then again I have a thing for tentacles. I washed and put away some clothes. My roomates are still awake but Rex is asleep.  Poor thing I gave him my cold I think but he will be well and done with it before I am.

He always is.

Today was his Dad’s birthday and we took him out to eat it was really nice but I am still hungry maybe because I can not sleep.  I just might get the taxes out of the way…….. and I have been summoned for jury duty. I am not looking forward to it.  I feel the need to work on one of my other stories that I have been writing I will do that.


Why waste all this damn energy.


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