My Opinion

I have seemed to have reached the point in my life where I find the need to have an opinion.  I am extremely uncomfortable with this because I enjoy being fluid.  I enjoy the ability to see both sides and mediate between  two issues… but more than that I enjoy getting along with people.

To be completely honest I enjoy people liking me.

And if it is one thing I notice it is that opinionated people are not well liked or well received.  They come to be labeled as difficult, stubborn, eccentric, an entertaining nuisance  at best to be used like turbo boost: for short periods of time and in emergencies only.

This “opinioniness” is wrapping itself around my undefined self and forcing it into an shape that is unfamiliar.   All my thoughts are coming together, my conclusions garnered from 30 years, 3 states and countless experiences are all  attracting and attaching and bonding cell by cell to  make a body of solid personal truths that I feel strong enough to stand up for, strong enough to not apologize for or explain away.

My opinions are not humble… I’m very deeply proud of them.

It’s time to stop singing so softly.

It’s my time to scream.

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