Blacklove: Hurr

This moment.

I just want to live in this moment.

Sitting on the floor of my Spiritual Mother’s home between the legs of this magnificent human being that I love while they oil, part and cornrow my hair.

They know the history in this hair
They know being yanked around by mothers on Sundays
They know the sound of grease and heat
They know the tests and trials and trying to tame something that should just be free

They know the secrets of how to pave pale roads from my forehead to the nape of my neck
Just like anyone that got passed the knowledge

But they are not just anyone so they touch it with same tenderness they touch my face with
The same sweetness they touch my heart with
They know that what others see as disastrous territory is actually sacred ground

I now get to add this story to my Black hairstory

Before it was the sucking of teeth, Trinity Broadcast Network and being told my head was too big, my hair too thick, my hair too much

Me too much? The child thinks
Not too much. I now know
Not too much tho very much loved

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