What to do when a Big Name Pagan Throws at You

and several other POC Witches in the process

A few weeks ago Orion Foxwood wrote the following

That Fam is a curse.
It looks like love but don’t be fooled, that is a fucking throw.

This is a throw against People of Color taking a stand against appropriation, white supremacy and general caucasity.
This is an empowerment to these MWGA asshats out here getting angry because we are saying stop.

This is a white man defending another white man who is doing some deep and real harmful appropriative shit
This is a white man defending another white man who is using a problematic as fuck name
This is a white man deciding  that he knows what “real racism” looks like
This is a white man deciding to engage in tokenism by using another Black person’s words against another Black person
This is a white man getting so upset that a Black Femme born and raised in Deep South  is upset about a Scottish born Canadian man doing conjure work with Harriet Tubman that he would throw against a child of Mama Moses in her own name
This is a white man who deals with other white conjure men who are known abusers and harassers
This is a white man protecting the money and power of other white men like him
This is just another white man profiting off of magical systems created to survive people like him

It used to be so heartbreaking when a hero dies. Now it is just annoying.
The only real heartbreaking thing about this is that he went with this basic af rhyme scheme.

So what do you do when a big name pagan who was once your hero throws at you and your kin?

If you read this thing he just punched himself in the face. So I did nothing.
For almost two weeks I did nothing

And then I got salty and made a new banner for my facebook page!


These flag planting white witches selling a remix version of your blood magic back to you are coming from a deeply broken place.  Just like we have our traumas they have their own. In order to survive and thrive they enacted the brutality of colonization on the entire world.

When I first learned about white intergenerational transmission of violence from the brilliant Meda DeWitt I was angry. I was angry because now I have to move with compassion.

They will tell you that demanding safe spaces for POCs, Trans, Queer people is silencing, attacking and shaming them.

They will tell you like they told me a Black Non-gender Binary, Fat, Femme that you are against diversity because you have the audacity to ask for your voice to be represented.

white people will tell you that you are against diversity because you do not include or center them!

They will tell you that you are divisive. They will tell you that you are the problem. They will call you aggressive and childish. They will throw at you and curse you.

But Lovely you are not the problem, You are a solution to it.

We as witches have the ability and responsibility to help create a new tower to replace the one that is falling.  We can’t do this without ensuring that the foundation for this new system starts on even ground. If these columbusing ass white witches don’t get this, don’t see how they are fear motivated to control and own from the same places as fascists and racists the new tower will be as corrupted and crooked as the first one.

I’m out here with a warning because they are red flagging all over the fucking field.
Stop appropriating and calling it appreciation
Stop monetizing and capitalizing off of lessons they learned from their overworked Black Nanny or grossly underpaid Brown Housekeeper.
Stop thinking that they can own the teachings of our lineage. Their arrogance, entitlement and privilege leads them to believe they were actually taught all of the magic. If by some off chance they were, this same arrogance, entitlement and privilege will turn it to poison in their veins.

They have not yet learned the lesson they have taught us at the end of a gun or a length of rope
That everything can not be owned
That you are a guest in this house


So Fam, if you want to do something do this:
Change “Diversity Demon” to “Demons against Diversity” and speak this prayer dressed curse Orion wrote.
Speak it well and speak it often.
Light candles, sing it into the darkest night with the knowing that it will soon be true.

See you at Pantheacon
I love you
Let’s(continue to) fuck shit up

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  1. Damn! Even the curse poetry is appropriation… sorry you had to put up with this tomfoolery.

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