The Call

I’ve woken myself up crying for the past few weeks. It lasts for a few minutes then stops. I just blamed it on Cancer season

Today it took longer and I asked the tears: What The Fuck?!?!

The tears responded
You must do a working

Me: On what?

Tears: On these camps.

Me: Okay I do one tonight.

Tears: No. You do one for a month. You do one everyday, you use blood and sharp things, you write a curse. You do it out loud. You do it with Black and Brown people in person. You do this in conjunction with real world action.

Me: Okayyyyyy can we negotiate on the bl-

Radio: (Plays Formation)

Me: So that’s a no… When do I start?

Tears: Tomorrow

Me: That’s the 4th of July

Tears: That’s not a fucking coincidence. Get to work.

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