Abundance Resilience Protection but first a RANT

New day
New feelings
Same shit
So annoyed

Even though I’m totally a Virgo I would have been okay about being wrong about this.

This is why I and several people are saying we still got a lot to work through.

This is why I and several people were saying stop harassing Black non men about voting.

Also Black men wut the fuck is you doing?!

This is why I have deleted, blocked and depending on my energy levels cursed out people who try to get in it with me about
-the word “Karen”
-eye rolling white feminists, -treating white women in leadership as sus
-distancing myself from white women who think being loud and angry solely at white men is an endearing icebreaker

Karens still have a fuck ton of power
can still get a job
can still be protected
can still get people murdered with a word.

Yeah white boys on tiktok totes did what they do in stealing things Black and Brown community made to survive and turn it into something else but seriously fuck y’all for making a dire threat to us into a joke for your own fucking amusement.

I’m hella clear and not at all surprised that Karen’s vote is why today some of y’all are nail-biting, struggling with psychosomatic stress issues, troubled over trying to get home before nightfall and the reason I’m going to face fuck an entire box of edibles tonight…again.

Seriously annoyed that I have to feed my Ancestors extra this week. All this extra fucking cooking.

I don’t even like to cook right now Fam!

Ughhhhhhhhh I can’t suck my teeth hard enough.

Dearly Beloved Black & Brown queer, trans and non-binary fam,

I’m sorry that numbers confirm that there is a 50/50 chance that people you encounter in certain demographics do not value your life even after seeing the horror you faced daily.

I’m sorry that you are dealing with the cognitive dissonance of those who don’t understand that in digging your grave they dig their own.

I’m so sorry that any hope you have had after seeing an uptick in Black and Brown companies being supported or seeing more melanated representations in the media and the mad scramble to “do better”  has taken a staggering blow.


May you be sustained these next few days. May you get all the rest you need to help you manage whatever events the announcement  may trigger.

You are your Ancestors

They survived absolute fuckshit and you are the living breathing truth of that

You are your Ancestors
You are just as hungry for your liberation
just as resourceful 
just as resilient
just as ready

May you have all that is necessary to survive and thrive through this

May you have all that is necessary to do what is necessary.

so mote it fucking be
on gawd


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  1. Ever disappointed but never surprised.

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