Not so long ago someone within the Burlesque community who had done some very toxic shit got totally called out.
One of this person’s supporters came to me to explain their side of the situation.

My response was fuck her the bitch is canceled.

Her supporter tried to say how hard it is for this community abuser and asked me to have some compassion because she survived off of being an entertainer and her lively hood was threatened.

I explained how this person had injured me and other people and how I have personally told her how messed up she was being before I very publicly stood with people this person has harmed.

Her supporter still said I was being heavy handed even after hearing how she emotionally manipulated people verbally abused people and then refused to pay people. She was like yeah but she still needs to make money to liiiiive🙃🙃🙃

Because this white woman’s paycheck was worth more than me and other people being treated like human beings I guess.

Everytime I see a think piece on cancel culture my blood pressure goes up. They go into whole dissertations on how it’s so toxic.


Cancel culture isn’t actually a thing. Marginalized communities have always had a self-regulation system. It’s as simple as people IDFW or sometimes expanded to IDFWPWFWPIDFW.

In situations where we know that calling in the police means death or the legal system will fuck us all we have simply avoided fucking with people who are full of fuck shit.

It’s not that complicated.

It became complicated when people of privilege started get their pockets hurt by no longer being supported.

The next thing people like to respond with is “Yeah but no body is disposable”

And to that I say: Stop appropriating language from disabled community! That’s not what that means.

Many victims end up leaving “#safespaces” because calling for #accountability made them look like an asshole because #cancelculture

To those people,

You are are not obligated to support, listen to or have compassion for abusers, racists, terfs, misogynists or the like.
You’re not wrong.
You are not alone.
I’m so sorry you’re paying someone else’s #consequences

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  1. I don’t want to hear fuck all about “cancel culture” when Fake 45 was just acquitted again. There are people who will coopt this language for their own uses/abuses. They see accountability as cancelling, because they’ve never been held accountable before.


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