For children of toxic mothers: A Self Exorcism for Mother’s Day


A touch late on posting this here. The weeks leading up to Mother’s Day and the weeks after are still a fog. There is a lot happening in the world and even with all my grief over it and the ambient grief of others, there was still room for me to mourn my mother and my child.

I don’t write this lightly
This is not with out thought
This was not written in rage
This was a cold cast tempered by heartache, boundaries and hope for healing.

I will to kill/transform/cast out my mother’s demons

I grasp their poison filled throats and wring so hard that medicines distill in the fluid dripping from their mouths
I rip their hearts out of their chests to stop them beating up my own
I claw out eyes that could not see me
break and burn bones that were set against me

And in these demons place
Beyond the boundaries of their fears, traumas, expectations and traps
I rediscover myself WHOLE

with a mouth that knows the taste and healing properties of my own homemade honey
with a heart song that moves in smooth  syncopation with the full wonder of my entire being
with eyes that can see the truth of me and love it all fiercely because I know how much I deserve this love deep in my bones

I will this in my holy name
For my holy self
and for my Descendants yet to come



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