Issa Trap!

Your humanity will cause you to look for the humanity in people who (aware or unaware) do not see you as human.

It’s a trap!

Through religion, mass media, weaponized desirability politics, the educational system, scarcity syndrome and the necessity of survival we were groomed.

Groomed to participate in perpetuating a system that profits from the labor of our creativity and magic but compensates or acknowledges us for none of it.

Groomed to consume prettily worded explainations and I’m sorry you’re hurt instead of full accountability in action.

Groomed to accept the least then give the most of our blood and spirit to mend something that was broken and never meant for us to begin with.

Because of this conditioning we have sympathized with their personal stories of struggles. We have compared them to our own without caculating the added taxes associated with being Black, being Brown, Being Trans, Being Queer.

We have given them allowances for things we wouldn’t even accept in ourselves.

It’s a hard cycle to break.

Your discomfort is natural.
Remember that you are severing chains that go back 400 years or more.

They will tell you that you are hardhearted that you want them to hurt because you hurt
that you ask too much of them too soon
that you have no compassion

Know that this is the language of addiction.

Know that there is a difference between compassion and enabling.

You are not a monster because you refuse to ease them into equality.

It’s okay to cry as you wield your sword against your oppressors and their systems.

Your humanity will cause you to look for the humanity in people who (aware or unaware) do not see you as human.
Treat them the same.
Walk with a compassion that centers you first.
Walk in compassion but take no shit.

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  1. “Walk in compassion but take no shit.” YES. This was the lesson of my 20’s. I had so many “friends.” Not that I’m almost 40 there are maybe two people I can stand and not even for that long lol. I was a purveyor of internalized oppression for years and I put up with it from those fore mentioned “friends.” There’s no point in getting older if you’re not going to learn anything ♥

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