A Post Samhain Post

We sometimes joke that our full title is
Femme Mountain: Books, Bones, Sticks & Stones

Our home has been furnished through estate sales, things passed on to us by elders and our own Dead.
The art and photos have their own stories, spells and history.

We are surrounded by altars of our own making. They move, the house moves, there is often the sound of feet on the stairs that are not ours.

An elegant lady has recently begun to appear in the upstairs hallway and we are as surprised to see her as she is to see or be seen by us!

As the fall makes things quieter the house gets louder and something about the cold air makes the stars outside shine clearer in the night.

It is in this Holy Darkness that we light our black candle.

Amidst fruit that bleeds rich and red.
We are the flesh fed from the bright light and lives of our Mighty Dead.
We are flesh fed from the bright light and fruit of this land.

We began the Witches New Year by filling our home with that light and the light of others to sustain us as the wheel turns again to dark.

May you have all you need.
May your reflections in the dark mirror be true but gentle.
May the stillness drive you to peace instead of madness.
May you be warmed by the light of all those that have gone before you and stand with you in the Night.

Happy New Year & Blessed Samhain
Femme Mountain

📸 of our altar by @chrystyphoto

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