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“Something is wrongI feel like something is wrong.” This is the first thing my soul whispered upon waking and instead of being upset by it I was relieved. I have been waiting on this feeling for a while now. I’ve “known” that something has been wrong for months. I even know where it comes from but the events that lead to that knowledge were … Read More Imbolc


A Fight Worth Having

About two months ago while fitfully falling asleep next to my partner they asked me what I needed. I legit responded in earnest and pitiful tones with the words “A fight.” I thought it was a temporary thing but as I come closer and closer to Initiation into the tradition I’ve been studying I’ve become edgy. It seems I’ve arrived at that curious place … Read More A Fight Worth Having


The Apple Bites Back: The Road to Initiation

If you’ve ever been to one of my classes or workshops I begin it with a warning. This is why. Five years ago today I came into my Teacher’s home for the first time as a student. I had met them before in passing, in community, in a particularly hilarious foretelling photoshoot. I’m not sure what I expected in that moment. All I knew … Read More The Apple Bites Back: The Road to Initiation


Oregon Day 2: Digging The Hole

The waves were glowing in the dark as they broke across the sands My bare feet followed the path through the rustling grass. It grew higher with every step. Pulling at the hem of my dress Aren’t you afraid A voice said Yes. Aren’t you going to turn away A voice said No. There was cacophony between my ears. As loud as it was … Read More Oregon Day 2: Digging The Hole

Oregon Day 1

So… Slowing down has made me realize how deeply exhausted and deeply fucked I am right now I’ve been moving big energy for people I’ve been making big asks for other people’s benefit I haven’t factored myself into the equation (again) I’ve got two days here and then it back to the grind. I’m lucky to have this. I want to focus on the … Read More Oregon Day 1


Nah. (An Open Response to Pantheacon’s Open invite to PCon, and my opinions)

WARNING: Do not proceed without taking your blood pressure medicine and/ or a bucket of popcorn. I’ll wait. * * * At the zenith of Beyonce Season in the year 2019  I received the following missive:

Day 2: Beware the Break (Implementing Balance)

The first part of this working is not launching an all out attackThe first part is an assessment of my physical and metaphysical arsenalYou don’t pop off without knowing how many bullets are in your gun Today it was hard to focus What is happening here is not just happening here. It is happening all over the world. In China right now Muslim children … Read More Day 2: Beware the Break (Implementing Balance)


Resistance Work Day 1 of 30

I am sharing my process for this 30 day intentional working.I have never done this before. I am no expert. I am hella winging it.My intention in sharing this is providing a framework for myself and others who feel called do this type of resistance magic from as resourced a space as possible. I invite discourse and suggestion and if it feels right taking … Read More Resistance Work Day 1 of 30

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