almost didn’t make it twice this year

Every month something wild AF has happened. I had childhood abusive situations confirmed, almost died twice, lost my home and my business, ended longstanding relationships with people I shared love with and started the process of changing my name.

This birthday is a 1st for me in many ways.

Namely in how I seek to celebrate it.

Often I do the very #virgo thing of Don’t Look at Me or I’m not asking for anything because I’m so fucking sensitive and people have lives , don’t be a burden but I almost didn’t make it here y’all so I’m going to celebrate and I’m going to ask

From Pen to Paint
I’ve commissioned a portrait from Alillia Johnson . A talented Black Artist whose paintings were a huge part of the healing magic of A Sovereign Embodiment.
I want this to be a community painting influenced by the thoughts, memories and feelings of my beloveds, my friends, my family, my communities so I can remember myself when I forget. If you feel called take a moment and leave an anonymous or non-anonymous comment here GIFT OF WORDS

Support my work in this world
The fundraiser Ella Ofori and I started has a goal of 100k we are stalled at 18k. It is so important to me that Black queer and trans therapists get to have rest. Please support ProjectEteSen.

Jessica Wilson and I have a 50k goal for our project My Black Body Podcast. We’d like to pay an editor as well as our guests. We also hope to hold space for people to share their stories and be heard. This costs us time and energy. Please support My Black Body Podcast.

Thank you

Thank you for being in my life, for helping me and seeing me and believing in me. Thank you for supporting me and allowing me to support you. I’m so happy I made it this year and I’m looking forward to what is coming next.
Sparkles and very very sharp teeth,
Rawiyah Tariq

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  1. Nina Yomo says:

    Well in case I missed it. Happy birthday. Hope your life gets better from here. 🌻🥳

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