I am like my hair

I am like my hair
Malleable and adaptable
Can form into any shape
Intricate with bumps and curves
Hard to get through but some how so fucking porous

I absorb everything
bits of things get stuck in me
I struggle letting go
I struggle to relax
I keep bouncing back into something they say isn’t acceptable so I keep re-conditioning myself

I’ve tried every remedy
Attempt to stretch, straighten- out
grow into something more manageable

I was taught that no one can be gentle with me because I am some thing that is difficult to deal with

Something so dark and tightly wound something so coarse it requires refinement or a cure

But I’m asking you to please
Be gentle
Don’t yank me around
Don’t touch me without asking
Don’t try to run through me

Rather wrap me in silks and satins
revel in my thickness
let me make my own shape
give me moisture, feed me
I want to be oiled and annointed

I know that I can look impenetrable but in my head Iā€™m so tender
because I
just like my hair
can break

Or I can just
you know
break all your damn teeth

Your choice šŸ˜

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