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Opinions Kill

o·pin·ion /əˈpinyən/noun a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. ✨✨ Dearly Beloved, You aren’t beyond reason when fire rising in your chest burns up your throatYou aren’t out of your sanity if you bite the inside of your mouth to keep from speaking, shake your fingers to keep from typing You also aren’t wrong if you do … Read More Opinions Kill


My name is Rawiyah

Hey, My name changed. It’s not a sudden thing. This is years in coming and there are so many #reasonswhy I held on to that name this long. One of them was that I was afraid to lose the contacts and connections I had formed with it. But with all this shit going on I don’t want to wait, second guess myself or hold … Read More My name is Rawiyah



As I feed my AncestorsWith bourbon, with food, with dance, with burnt herbs, with blood, with songs, with promises. I askI prayI plead That they hold those that are kinfolk closeProtect their lungs from gasProtect their bodies from bulletsProtect their faces from recognitionProtect their wrists from shackles May their eyes be sharp enough to see the embeddedMay their phones work, their videos load and … Read More Uprising


Before You Close Your Eyes Tonight: a love letter to Black and Brown Peoples

Dearly Beloved, Before you close your eyes tonight remember that you are magnificence whether you are in motion or not you are not outside of your sanity you are most definitely under attack from within and without and while there is medicine in this shadow there is also horror in knowing which way the wind blows I am so sorry I am sorry for … Read More Before You Close Your Eyes Tonight: a love letter to Black and Brown Peoples


Prayer for the Caretakers

Empaths | Caretakes | Therapists | Social Workers, You are a lighthouse in a storm people are being drawn to you. It is so important that you take care of yourself right now. It is so important that you meditate, scream, cry, shake as much as possible. Take baths Punch pillows Dance into a frenzy Sleep Hydrate Eat Be consciously aware that you are … Read More Prayer for the Caretakers


StoryTime: Queer Fat Black Kinky Sex Saved My Life

my sexual preference used to be anyone who would fuck me until that one time in that one place where three queer, fat, Black, kinksters fisted the white jesus out of me.

For your breaking heart

Dearly Beloved, The Kindred Black and Brown, Blessed Trans & Sacred Queers I am sorry for your breaking hearts Our breaking hearts My breaking heart I am sorry that we continue to witness those who say they are allied to us give in to their privilege repeatedly that you are watching them say things like this is the last one or I’m going for … Read More For your breaking heart


Storytime: I once broke up with a guy over a sandwich

I didn’t matter that two nights before we were in there sucking the marrow off of chicken bones. I was fucklessly lying. He showed up at my house with one sandwich.

For himself!!!



Stories📖 I surround myself with them I’m obsessed with them I’m a collector of them I’m a collection of them I am my mother’s story and her mother’s story before her and her mother’s story before her. I’m filled with the treasures and the traps of all these elevated and exiled Ancestors in one hand and me in the other. I tried carrying both … Read More Stories


Solstice Prayer

Normally I share the story of the Goddess of Joy on this day but not this time. This season has been so fucking hard and that’s my own fault. I made an ask to the God of Death when the veil was thin and He drank of the holy offering and delivered. When I asked for freedom from scarcity I thought it was a … Read More Solstice Prayer

A Post Samhain Post

We sometimes joke that our full title is Femme Mountain: Books, Bones, Sticks & Stones Our home has been furnished through estate sales, things passed on to us by elders and our own Dead. The art and photos have their own stories, spells and history. We are surrounded by altars of our own making. They move, the house moves, there is often the sound … Read More A Post Samhain Post

In The Face of Fear: Ancestors

During my #InTheFaceOfFear workshop one of the suggestions I offer is working with your Ancestors. My Ancestor practice had been dismal until 5 years ago and I am still very much growing into it and with it. This can be a hard thing to do. Some of us are cut off from our Ancestors. Genocide, the erasure effects of white supremacy, internal family violence/rejection/ … Read More In The Face of Fear: Ancestors

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