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If you’re making fun of people dealing with PG&E Power shut offs right now you deserve to feel every carpal & metacarpal of a cosmic bitch slap The answer is no. PG&E will not remiburse one damn dime. There are people laughing at this situation or saying others are soooooo delicate But some people in rural areas where these cut offs are happening don’t even have access to water because the pump houses are on electric. If we didn’t have a hot tub I wouldn’t have been able to flush … Read More If you’re making fun of people dealing with PG&E Power shut offs right now you deserve to feel every carpal & metacarpal of a cosmic bitch slap



I remember saying “No” The way it rolled off my lips with the same ease as goodmorning or goodnight The laughter that announced its arrival and filled the silence in its wake I remember how clean it was No regrets No taint of “with exception” or “I’ll consider if you would only… ” My No was softness around me Something warm with muscles running … Read More No


Black Hair Magic

This is why I will bite you if you ask to touch my hair. In addition to slave days being over In addition to the fact that wearing my hair in “natural” styles or approximations of natural styles is still grounds for unemployment in many states In addition to power imbalance, exoticism etc. It’s become a part of my magic. The hair gets a … Read More Black Hair Magic


Nah. (An Open Response to Pantheacon’s Open invite to PCon, and my opinions)

WARNING: Do not proceed without taking your blood pressure medicine and/ or a bucket of popcorn. I’ll wait. * * * At the zenith of Beyonce Season in the year 2019  I received the following missive:

Day 2: Beware the Break (Implementing Balance)

The first part of this working is not launching an all out attackThe first part is an assessment of my physical and metaphysical arsenalYou don’t pop off without knowing how many bullets are in your gun Today it was hard to focus What is happening here is not just happening here. It is happening all over the world. In China right now Muslim children … Read More Day 2: Beware the Break (Implementing Balance)


Resistance Work Day 1 of 30

I am sharing my process for this 30 day intentional working.I have never done this before. I am no expert. I am hella winging it.My intention in sharing this is providing a framework for myself and others who feel called do this type of resistance magic from as resourced a space as possible. I invite discourse and suggestion and if it feels right taking … Read More Resistance Work Day 1 of 30

The Call

I’ve woken myself up crying for the past few weeks. It lasts for a few minutes then stops. I just blamed it on Cancer season Today it took longer and I asked the tears: What The Fuck?!?! The tears responded You must do a working Me: On what? Tears: On these camps. Me: Okay I do one tonight. Tears: No. You do one for … Read More The Call

No Apologies

I told my partner last night that I wanted to post this picture but I was waiting for the right words.They asked me why I don’t post it without them.I clutched my pearls.My words would have been a way to distract from, explain away or justify my body.Thank you Laydee Kaye Photography for this image that reminds me of my sovereignty and my sacredness.Thank … Read More No Apologies

That shit’s expensive

There are days I can’t get out it bed I can’t eat I eat too much Where I count the scratches on my skin There are nights I can’t sleep I wake up gasping for air and my heart beating out of control I claw my shoulders and arms in my sleep There are places I can not go because I see it for … Read More That shit’s expensive

The Medusa

The first time I saw Queerest of the Gods I was left undone. Here were stories of Deity that felt like accessible reflections. Ten years later I had the honor of participating in the event that touched me so deeply. I knew I did not want to represent something linked to the Greek/Roman pantheon. In the ten years since my first QotG I had … Read More The Medusa

cup of tea

Often,when it rains my knee aches It didn’t used to I fell. I came to work the next day limping, in a wrist brace with dark circles under my eyes must have looked like I was punched in the face one of the legal assistants leaned over my desk and whispered what happened? I said that my current boyfriend had pushed me down the … Read More cup of tea

How not to be a Social Worker

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the doctor. I was emotionally ready for a fight but it a surprising experience. My doctor was a Black woman who believed I knew my body best. She ordered every test requested and made amazing suggestions. My weight was never a thing until I brought it up and even then she followed my lead on how I … Read More How not to be a Social Worker

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